Tending to the Bear Creek watershed since 1989

Author Guy Baltzelle

Public Meeting – Bear Creek Watershed Management Study

SAVE THE DATE! Join the King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks for an open house and presentation on March 7. This community meeting is at the Brightwater Education and Community Center in Woodinville on how to manage stormwater… Continue Reading →

The Living Soil

By Dana Visalli From The Methow Naturalist Fall 2017Summary by Ed Schein The most productive ecosystems, in terms of biodiversity, are the soils under our feet. One teaspoon of healthy temperate forest soil contains from one million to one billion… Continue Reading →

Growing a Revolution – Bringing Our Soil Back to Life

By David R. Montgomery Book Report by Ed Schein Geomorphologist David R. Montgomery loves soil. Two previous books, The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health, and Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations, set the stage for… Continue Reading →

Salmon Seeson 2017

It’s time for salmon to return to spawn in the streams in the Bear Creek Basin. Come see the action with Water Tenders. We will be hosting salmon viewing along Bear Creek at the Tolt Pipeline Crossing kiosk off of… Continue Reading →

Restoration of Puget Sound Rivers

Edited by David R. Montgomery, Susan Bolton, Derek B. Booth, Leslie Wall Book Report by Ed Schein A symposium on Puget Sound river restoration in 2000 brought together regional expertise that fills this thorough volume. Backgrounds include public policy, riparian… Continue Reading →

Remembering Wendy Walsh

Wendy Walsh, age 85, died at her home of 53 years in Woodinville last November 16. Wendy, always an advocate for the environment and all the creatures that live in it,  was a guiding light for the Water Tenders organization…. Continue Reading →

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