King County’s new Salmon SEEson website has information about salmon viewing sites throughout the county.

Saturday, October 3, 2020: Bright red sockeye have been spotted in Bear Creek at Redmond’s Juel Park on NE 116th Street. From the Juel Park parking lot, the creek is a short walk to the west. Sockeye are also upstream at the Bear Creek Crossing along the Tolt Pipeline Trail east of Mink Road. To get there, park at the Mink Road trail crossing and walk eastward on the trail about a half mile to Bear Creek.

Chinook are swimming in Cottage Lake Creek under the NE 159th Street bridge west of Avondale Road. Parking along the road is available but limited. Chinook can also be viewed in Cottage Lake Creek from the bridge along the Tolt Pipeline Trail between Avondale Road and Bear Creek Road. Off-street parking is available.

Tip: Polarized sunglasses or goggles will cut glare reflecting from the creek and make it easier to see the fish.