Upper Bear Creek home
Who we are
Water Tenders is a group of people who care about the wetlands and streams in the Bear Creek watershed of King County, Washington. We are your neighbors and we are all willing to put a little of our time into preserving, protecting, and restoring the wonderful natural heritage we are priviledge to steward.
Water Tenders has been in existence since 1989 and is proud of the many accomplishments of the volunteers. You may wish to attend one of our meetings and make suggestions and share your ideas.

Salmon ID Cards/Salmon Viewing Locations
Restoration Projects
  February 28th  10am to 2pm.
  Tree and shrub planting and a little
  weeding at a King County open space     site along Bear Creek.     

For Details email Tlavender2@frontier.com or call 425-788-2304.
  May 30th.  9am to 1pm.
  Covering over and mulching where  
  invasive weeds have started to grow.
  This is at another King County open
  space site on Bear Creek. 
For Details email
dickscha@gmail.com or call 425-788-5083. 
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